Do you have trouble finding shoes that fit just right? Jo’s Comfort Zone can help by fitting your footwear with orthotics.

What Are Orthotics?

An orthotic is a device or support for the foot. It is used to relieve or prevent pain. It can also correct an orthopedic problem. Doctors and pedorthists recommend orthotics to people who need a custom solution that can match a specific foot type to a chosen footwear style.

How Will Orthotic Fittings Help Me?

Orthotics help you achieve maximum comfort and a vastly improved footwear performance. They also help prevent injuries. Finally, they allow you to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Orthotics work by absorbing shocks, supporting your arch, cushioning your soles, and redistributing pressure on your feet. Using orthotics can turn a potentially painful walking trip into a delightful stroll, no matter where you’re going. Why not walk in comfort?

Get Comfortable Today!

Orthotics is a Greek word that means “to align.” Align your feet correctly in your shoes by using orthotics. You have the power to obtain just the right fit and snugness for your walking shoes. Comfortable shoes are truly worth their weight in gold.